TRAINING FOR ADULTS    (Contact Coach A to Preregister)

Our Adult Training consists of 4 core programs to help our clients attain their desired goals. If you're looking to get in shape, help lower high blood pressure, diabetic needing to move for your health, elderly and needing to move and gain better balance, or simply needing to firm upper or lower body areas, WE CAN HELP!

Our adults programs consist of:

1 ON 1

This personalized training will pair you with one of our expert trainers for a custom workout that will target your goals and provide careful direction to ensure you maximize your efforts.


This 45-minute workout provides results that will last. Your body will realize its maximum potential during this high-performance workout that includes strengthening, conditioning, mobility, and a major calorie burn. Kinetic Movement (Upper body), Kinetic Movement (Lower body), A Brazilian Butt Workout for a more firm back area, Basketball Kinetic Conditioning 


A family that trains together stays together.

This program is designed for the family who wants to get back in shape or continue building their unit. Our program can be tailored for beginners and or the seasoned workout person. 


We don't use weights! We use YOU and your muscles to get you where you want and need to be.

Class times


4am and 5am

45 minutes of working out!

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