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D-One Training

To all Parents:


Parents, there is nothing like seeing your child playing sports. And there's nothing more disheartening to a parent and a child than to see them sitting on the bench and not participating in the game. The fact is when AAU begins or 7th grade comes and a season of sport arrives, kids with training reap the reward of getting the most playing time. And if you have a team of skilled players, WINNING definitely feels good, but COMPETING feels even better!  Parents, it's up to you to help the middle and high school coaches build a competitive team by getting your child into training at an early age. Training gives them the skills, while AAU gives them the court time to overcome fears and become smarter that will show during their UIL (7th - 12th grade) years. This is when College coaches knock on doors. And if your dream isn't for your child to play college ball, training will reveal to you something about your child's character, both good and sometimes bad, but fixable.

At D-One we train your student/athletes, BOTH GIRLS and BOYS, at a D-One Collegiate level. We take pride in our results, so we are dedicated to producing athletic products ready for collegiate level play after their high school years. No corners are cut, no excuses are made! If basketball is your child's sport of choice, and you the parent, is committed to getting your child to training, then we will produce a D-One Athlete! 


...let's start training D-One style!



Pros are welcome to train at D-One Athletics in a private atmosphere. Please get us at the facility for schedule times and costs.

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