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If you are interested in renting our facility for fitness classes, basketball or volleyball training, open court runs, Basketball Birthday Parties, Weddings or other affairs, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

For all basketball rentals (Other than parties)...there will be two prices;

1. Non-use of our balls and training equipment $65 an hour ($97.50 for 1 1/2hours)

2. With use of our balls and training equipment. $75 an hour ($112.50 for 1 1/2hours)

  • (Multiple day rentals are discounted (ask Coach A).

  • Half (1 Goal Rentals) at either end of court is available at ($45 / $50) ($67.50 / $75)

  • Any missing equipment, you will be responsible for replacing and/or repairing)

  • There is a $200 deposit on large event rentals

  • All rentals must be paid UPFRONT 1 week before the event...NO EXCEPTIONS

3. Our Shooting and Lazer dribbling machine use is an extra cost $90 per hour


Party or Event Rental

1. Court Rental $75 an hour (Minimum of 2hour rental)

2. Use of the 2nd Floor building is $75 an hour (Minimum of 2 hours)

3. There is a $200 deposit on large event rentals

Text Coach A for rental inquiries! 281.914.5434 or fill out form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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