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Our Mission

Many parents want to see their child succeed in basketball; however, most are not getting the proper training early enough to make a difference.

Our program provides personnel with over 25 years of playing and coaching experience. We pride ourselves in helping every child gain important fundamental skills through "repetitive training", while also teaching the science of basketball in order to improve their overall “IQ”. We instill in each player sportsmanship and a positive attitude on and off the court. D-One Athletics is an organization truly dedicated to making sure your child excels in all areas of basketball. 

                  "Change the mindset of a can change the heart!"  Coach A

Our team


Will Davis 

Owner / Marketing & Events Director

I have a true passion for youth and the community. I am an extraordinary youth counselor who connects to all kids on a level that reaches their understanding. My belief is "a kid is NEVER too far gone to have his or her life turned around...we just have to catch them at their point of need before they walk off that cliff." I was one of those kids and many people wrote me off, threw me away, and said I would never amount to anything, but, here I am and I want to use D-One basketball to reach youth and give them that bridge of hope and direction.


My kids are my inspiration for building D-One, but my purpose for D-One is happening because of what other organizations didn't offer my kids and your kids. My vision is to provide children with the resources to be successful through education, mentorship, and physical activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. My basketball training programs are designed to match skill levels with skill levels so no one is left out or feels defeated.

Coaching and Mentor Experience:

  • 6 years of youth mentorship

  • 10 years community volunteer programs


John Arnold (Coach A)

Owner / Training and Sport Science Director 

I have a love and passion for women's basketball and the training that goes into making Ladies Basketball what it is today. Although I train all kids, I lean more towards Ladies Basketball because of my three phenomenal daughters that (one) have played, while (two) continue their play of the game at Foster High School in Richmond Texas.


As Kobe Bryant fought for equal rights for women in sports, D One truly believes in continuing what the "Black Mamba" Kobe Bryant began. I unwaveringly believe in the discipline of repetition training. I believe in the science of athletics and training on the psychological level as well as the performance level...” Change the heart of a player, and the mind will follow”.


  • BS Kinesiology and Sports Science, Texas Southern University

  • BA English and Analytical Studies, Texas Southern University

  • James Madison High School (Marlins) Houston, Texas

Coaching and Training Experience:

  • 6 years of training men's basketball in the US Army

  • 7 Years Training Ladies Youth Basketball

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